Stranded On A Mountain for 4 days, Hiking Community Helps When Rescuers Won’t!?

Its truly amazing how just when you’re in despair sometimes a complete stranger come to your aid, it really restores your faith in humanity I think. Well, here we have a grateful family whose dog was saved so graciously by a group of strangers, just in their time of need…

A chocolate Labrador, called Louie, who belonged to one Amanda McGregor really got into a difficult situation whilst on a hike with her step-daughter, called Janessa. Even though her step-daughter goes hiking all the time and is very experienced hiking together with the dog, this one time Louie was injured and couldn’t go any further…

They didn’t return on schedule and Amanda was getting very concerned, they were hiking in the mountains close to Chilliwack, British Columbia and it was a Saturday and when they didn’t get back on time she felt a deep feeling that there was something wrong.

A little later again she heard some news from a hiker that Louie had been hurt and couldn’t go any further, he was far too heavy for Janessa to carry him because he weighed around 90 pounds!

Amanda got it touch with the local The Royal Canadian Mounted Police who said that they should wait to see if they showed up on Monday. Really, anyone who knows anything about hiking, I would have thought, wouldn’t wait too long, every second can count in serious situations!

chocolate labrador

Thankfully Janessa emerged from the woods, but sadly she was alone, was wanted to get food and water for Louis to sustain him until help could arrive, she didn’t know what else she could do!

The family was informed about what was going on but the authorities wouldn’t step in, as it was not another human in distress they wouldn’t lift a finger!

Amanda in her desperation had to do anything she could to deal with the situation, she went to the local hiker’s community to seek help.

She posted to Facebook’s Chilliwack BC Hiking Club and said:

“A plea for help…I am not sure if you can help or not but maybe steer us in the right direction …Our daughter who is an avid hiker climbed up to Radium Lake on Saturday…She took our dog with her for the company. They were due down Monday afternoon but something had happened to the dog and he can’t climb back down.”

chocolate labrador

Amanda carried on to say:

“She came back down for some more supplies yesterday as she had been out of water and food for a day and the dog as well …Her dad and I tried to climb up to help her yesterday. But being in our fifties and never hiked in that way ever before couldn’t make it to the lake and not sure how short we were.”

“Is there any way help can go to her to get her and the dog back off the mountain we would gladly pay for it …Thanks, Amanda and John.”

chocolate labrador

Not even a few minutes had passed by and she was getting a response from the community, member of the club started to make a plan and gather equipment they needed for the rescue!

The all met up with Amanda and John on a Wednesday afternoon by the trail and set out on the rescue mission. By that time Louie, along with Janessa had been on the mountain 4 days and 4 nights.

The volunteer rescuers, what a generous and kind people they were, had met up with Janessa just after Janessa had ended up starting to carry Louis on her back, by herself!

Amanda said:

“She had carried the dog part way down the mountain. And she didn’t get very far. She was carrying him on her back falling and stumbling …She loves that dog.”

chocolate labrador

Two hikers had tried to help her out by rigging up a stretcher to load him on, but the other hikers got to Louis and put him on a proper stretcher, then carried him the rest of the way.

Louis wasn’t safe yet though, he spent many days in a hospital for further treating an infection from the cuts he sustained, and of course dehydration…

The family had very quickly been buried in vets bills amounting to thousands of dollars, yet another difficulty for the family, but the community joined them a second time by setting up a GoFundMe page for the family and soon got to the $4000 target.

Amanda is so thankful for everything the community has done for her, it’s truly outstanding by all counts.

She said lastly:

“In this day and age, to know that humans are out there that do this. This is such a positive story about people.”

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