If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by to help ‘Dizzy’ the dog

A staggering number of people are homeless in New York City. The problem becomes even more heartbreaking as temperatures plummet, and those who have canine companions are not permitted in local shelters.

Still the love for their dogs often remain constant; lending a hand to those who need it most does the heart “good.” Meet Dizzy, a one-year-old pit bull mix and his homeless human best friend Docc.

On Saturday afternoon, good Samaritan Lisa Anne Bakal posted a photo of Dizzy and Docc on her Facebook page. The two were sitting inside at the Union Square Station located on 14th Street huddled together near the L train. The two stay in the general vicinity, and sometimes they settle in near Astor Place. Below their picture, Lisa posted their story:

“He told me he saved him from an abusive man down in Tennessee when he was a 3-month-old puppy. He saw the man beating the puppy and offered to take him. Dizzy has been with him ever since. They are all each other have, and he told me whatever money he gets, he makes sure his dog gets what he needs before he (the human) does.”

Thankful for all of her blessings, and the dogs she is able to care for at her home, Lisa gave Docc $50 and told him she would share his story with all of her rescue friends in the hopes Dizzy can get dog food, water, blankets and more supplies the two need to survive the New York City winter. Dizzy is a size large in clothing.

local shelters

“I wanted to cry for this man,” stated Lisa.” I was holding back tears thinking how he gives anything possible for his dog, while people who have the means give their dogs up in the blink of an eye. If anyone is in the area, please consider helping them. I passed two other homeless guys, also with pitties.”

There is no doubt that dogs are our best friends. Be the voices for those who cannot speak.

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