Stoned Dog Is Only Just Alive, Animal Rescuer Is Completely In Pieces

We often hear in today’s society about vaccinations, it forms a part of our civilized behavior and a sensible preventative measure not just for us humans, but for our beloved pets too, still though, things like this are still happening…

An animal welfare officer, an RSPCA Inspector who is dedicated to saving animals, called Anthony Joynes works in one of the hardest parts of Britain for animal cruelty.

Anthony was completely heartbroken, practically in pieces after seeing this doggie face to face, his sad eyes, in terrible pain after a medieval style punishment inflicted on him.

The shocking scenes were filmed for a British TV channel, Channel 5’s The Dog Rescuers show, the animal rescuer was extremely emotional because the dog with another puppy, had suffered similar tortures, and had to be put to sleep to put an end to their unrecoverable suffering.

The animal rescuer, called an Inspector in Britain, for the association, the RSPCA, along with a charity vet Riaz Rehmu, together flew to Malawi on a mission to tackle the rabies epidemic.

The epidemic is killing over than 500 people each year in the small African State and really does carry a huge stigma and fear among people living there.

Panic about contracting a disease like this is awful, it’s dealy and a dog bite could seal your fate, it did though also seal the fate of a dog too, that visited, that was taken to their mission in a remote part of the country with a suspected broken leg.

Anthony, from the RSPCA said:

“I asked what had happened and the owner said the neighbors had stoned the dog because they were worried it may have rabies.”

“There is no cure for rabies, so people are very scared of being bitten by a rabid dog.”

“With no vet for over 100km, sadly sometimes people resort to stoning dogs suspected of having rabies, another reason why the vaccinations are so important.”

“The owner of this dog also told us he had another puppy injured at his home, so we went and found this pet also in a terrible state.”

“The pup had collapsed in pain, had hundreds of ticks in each ear and the way the mouth was positioned suggested the dog potentially had rabies.

“The kindest thing to do was to put them to sleep to stop them suffering a long and lingering death.”

Anthony has worked with the RSPCA for nine years and seen as well as prosecuted some really awful cases of animal cruelty and neglect, but this dog, with his sad eyes and a broken le was too much to bear for him.

Anthony said:

“I’ve dealt with some of the worst cases of cruelty… “

“Organised cruelty, people killing animals for fun, and I am strong and I deal with it, but I think that’s just bad… That’s a low point for me.”

“It was heartbreaking for me and it was a really tough emotional day, but it was also a relief to know they didn’t have to be in pain any longer. I did the best I could for the animals to stop unimaginable suffering.”

They were driving towards the hotel where they were staying and spotted an injured stray golden retriever doggie by the roadside, really needing urgent medical attention.

Anthony said:

“I just spotted this dog lying at the side of a busy road and he didn’t look alert so we turned back to go and check on him and could see immediately he was not in a good way, he looked injured and was very thin.”

“We had to try to rescue him without scaring him into the path of oncoming traffic and we were also aware of the risk of rabies but we managed to help him into the van and he was rushed off for treatment.”

Madidi the dog was called and was treated for a chronic leg problem and tick infestation, thankfully and because of what they did, she is now recovering with the intention of being rehomed in a forever home.

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