Finally A State Law That Protects Animals From Harsh Outdoors – Will It Happen In All States?

As a pet owner, we are also pet lovers, or at least all of us that really care are! But, to set the standard one state has really gone that step further and made it part of the state law. We all know about the perils of a hot car, but what about a bitterly cold day outside, snow, rain, would you leave your dog out in this? Even a thick fur coat only gets you so far right?

Quite logically that is the reason that Pennsylvania has also quite sensibly passed Libre’s Law to help better protect dogs by setting a precise limit on how long owners of pets can leave them outside in hot or cold weather conditions.

The law states that those responsible for a dog, state-wide, can only have them outside for a period not exceeding 30 minutes, under certain conditions of hot and cold!

So for example if it’s 32 degrees or below or 90 degrees above then dog owners can tie them up outside for a maximum of 30 minutes, however if they are left longer than this they face a fine and possibly a jail sentence!

Spending a six months to a year behind bars, very well, is a good stimulus to follow the law, don’t you think? But all us responsible dog owners won’t find much to worry about as we follow these great standards anyway, don’t we?


The New law has been taken very well already, The Pennsylvania Veterinary Medical Association said about it:

it’s….. “an incredible victory for animals” … really what could be better?

The law is very strict in Pennsylvania many of us know, this could well lay the foundations for other states to follow, I certainly hope so!

Libre’s Law originally came about all because of a case in Lancaster County, PA, where some animal cruelty specialists took a pup, called Libre, that was rescued from a seriously dire situation.

His one case was so dire that people looked for ways to stop that kind of thing from happening again, and they found it!!

Share if you agree and let build up some momentum for this one, we want this law to spread far and wide and all across the United States of America!!

What do you think ?