Starving dog tossed in NYC dumpster rescued

On Tuesday morning, construction workers came about a most disturbing situation; a puppy had been tossed into a dumpster.

Some heartless creep had tossed the emaciated pooch into the trash receptacle outside of a Walgreens located at 1134 East New York Ave. in Brownsville.

Her rescuer, Jose Lopez, 53, who happens to be an ardent dog lover with a rescue dog of his own, told the NY Post at first it thought it was a cat rifling through the trash, but then he looked and his heart fell through his stomach:

“I have a rescue dog. I love animals. It breaks my heart. It’s not a good thing to see.”

The poor pup was barely more than skin and bones; her backbone jutted out and one could count her ribs. She wore a collar and a leash, but had no identification or microchip.

When the authorities arrived, they allowed Lopez to turn the dog over to Thomas Brosnan  and Rita Morabito-accardi, who run the rescue organization, Best Friends Rescue, from their home in Elmont, Long Island.

“Thank you everyone who helped save this little girl today from dying inside this dumpster,” Morabito-accardi captioned an Instagram photo of the dog. “She safe, belly’s full and cleaned. And she will be getting a good home soon.”

The pup, estimated to be no more than six-months of age, is at least half of what she should ideally weigh, but the pit bull and Labrador retriever mix is now on her way to a new life and will never have to be hungry again.

According to Brosnan, by Tuesday afternoon, he already had nearly a dozen inquiries from people wanting to adopt the dog. She has not been named yet, but we are certain, there must be one to perfectly suit this sweet pooch.

(Photos of dog found in dumpster via Instagram and Gabriella Bass)

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