Abandoned By His Family, Starving Dog Eats Rocks To Survive!

Prepare yourself for a tale that will rock your socks, down to the pit of your stomach, dig up those deep emotions and lay them out like a large rug.

The folks at ‘Hope for Paws’, an organization based in California that pledges itself to find and remove dogs from the streets and to foster them to foster carers.

The video below is all about a homeless starving dog, a senior called Stewie. He was found roaming the streets, all alone.

‘Hope for Paws’ said that the neighbors told them that the 11 year old was abandoned when the family who owned him moved away about a year before the rescuers came for him.

The poor doggie was constantly hanging around waiting for them to come back, how cruel!

JoAnn Wiltz and Lisa Aturo, the volunteers who came to give him a foster home really struggled to gain his trust, and make him realize that he needed to go with them.

The gravitational pull of a hot chook wasn’t even working, but given time and patience, they eventually persuaded him to go with them…

They gave him a lovely bath and he was examined by a vet, it was only them that there was an even sadder revelation.

This doggies body was riddled with tumors, all be it benign, the X-rays also showed rocks in his stomach. The volunteers surmised that he ate the rocks because he was so incredibly hungry.

Hope For Paws posted the video on their official YouTube channel, with over 350,000 views!

One YouTuber wrote:

“Who tf is cutting onions ?”

One said:

“When I saw the x-ray of the rocks inside him I cried”

Stewie was taken to the Senior Sanctuary at Grand Paws and is doing considerably better, he is still waiting to be adopted though.

With such love let’s hope he finds a forever home soon, let’s share this and see if we can’t help Stewie gather enough interest to find a new loving home and find those mean people that left him.

What do you think ?