Starved, Wandering The Streets All Alone, Jameson Just Wants Love!

This poor doggie, called Jameson was starving, he was so incredibly thin you would definitely say that he was emaciated! Wandering the streets of New York all alone…

It was by pure chance that he was found by an organization called ‘Out Of The Pits’, a non-profit completely dedicated to the education of everyone about the actual nature of pit bulls as a breed, to help re-educate people and dispel their bad rep!

Jameson, the dog we are talking about was one of the lucky ones.

Most strays never get found or rescued and don’t ever get to have the feeling of living in a real home with a loving family, not even getting to feel the love of a family!

After he was rescued, Jameson was carefully examined and then give the green light, apart from being completely starved he was healthy!

starved dog

Once he was being fed properly he soon got back to a healthy weight. Such a clever doggie he is! He is great on a leash at walk times, one thing that stray dogs struggle with at first normally.

He is so good that his behavior inside is second to none, he gets on awesomely with other dogs too. It’s even believed that he could do great living with a cat!

Coming from the big scary streets of New York this doggie is now running around, playing in open fields on a farm, just looking for a forever home….

starved dog

In the interim he is in excellent hands, he knows, at last, what it’s like to be loved and taken care of properly.

Jameson really got an awesome second chance to live his life, be happy and make the most of the time he was given!

Let’s share this and hopefully, this will encourage others to adopt a doggie in need!

Watch Jameson in this video:

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