His Special Bark Stunned Everyone, Everyone Wants To Take Him Home!

Rescuing dogs for us dog lovers is great, but we always want to do more, but we are restricted by the space and capacity of dogs we could rescue and care for, choosing one or two dogs and leaving the rest in a dog shelter is hard….

Some of us even remember getting a rescue dog as a young child, and how sad we feel for leaving all the other dogs in the rescue center.

Even though we adopted a dog, sometimes after that even a second dog, it’s still just as hard to leave!

There are many dogs that need saving, and individually we can’t save all of them, we all need to help save them…

Imagine your at a dog shelter and you want to adopt a doggie, so you look at the line up of the doggies and see what you should do, who needs the most?

Well, there was one doggie as it happens, Dennis, he is a nine-year-old pit bull mix breed dog, and he just happened to be particularity special indeed!

In fact, he was so special that everybody wanted to take him home with them, but why, you might ask?

Well, he had a really special and unusual way of communicating !!

Drew Harrisberg heard Dennis’s voice, it called to her, something magic happened at that moment, and he felt a really special bond with the dog, he went straight to adopt the dog!

Sadly, the lady at the desk said that he was already adopted, but even then the kind owners let Drew spend two whole weeks with Dennis.

The day he had to return him drew felt awful…

She said:

“I couldn’t even function. It felt like I literally lost something. I was mourning, almost. It was a weird feeling.”

Drew then shared some pictures and videos of how content he and Dennis had been during the past two weeks, the owners really had to think, they decided to let Drew become Dennis’s foster dad after all.

Drew said:

“I used to be a lot more selfish … but Dennis taught him what’s really important in life: friendship.”

“He’s changed the way I’ve viewed the world.”

If it hadn’t been for Dennis’s different and quite special bark, then he may have never found a home, but thankfully he did!

His ‘owner’ said:

“He sounds a bit like a seal and a pig, who somehow ended up as a dog”

Watch the video below and let us know if you think so too:

Feed me woman!!!! I’ll stomp on you!!!!

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For the incredible story of how Dennis and Drew actually found each other, watch the video below:

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