Dog critically injured by owner’s boyfriend – cruelty caught on video!

A Florida man is accused of brutally beating his girlfriend’s dog and the sick act was caught on video.

According to Monday’s CBS 12 News, 40-year-old Jason Snead is the man identified as the individual who left a Cavalier King Charles spaniel critically injured.

Snead initially denied that he was responsible for injuring his girlfriend’s dog, but surveillance video captured from a camera at Off Lease Only proved otherwise, reported WPBF News.

The video revealed damning footage – including Snead allegedly dropping the three-year-old spaniel out of his truck, “aggressively” kicking the dog and multiple punches.


The footage showed a vicious beating which lasted for several minutes.

Along with being charged with animal cruelty, Snead is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and possession of controlled substance.


Police found multiple syringes, a glass pipe and meth in his vehicle.

“Off the record, I started today,” Snead told police about the drugs.

Moments later he stated, “Actually, I started yesterday, my friend gave it to me. I don’t event like it, but it was given to me.”


Snead was taken to jail and he is being held on $4,500 bond.

The injured dog was transported to Animal Care and Control for care.

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