SuperStar Cristiano Ronaldo Helps Dog Shelter With 80 Dogs From Closing Down

Football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo appears to have a soft spot for dogs, after he offered to help a struggling dog shelter in Portugal.

The shelter in the Guarda district of Portugal needed cash to pay a vet bill of approximately $2100 in order to stay open and care for the 80 homeless dogs living there.

The Real Madrid player donated a signed jersey for the shelter to auction to help them raise some much needed cash, according to Correrio de Mahna.

Shelter owner Liliana Santos is delighted with Ronaldo’s generosity; telling the newspaper that she appreciates what Ronaldo has done to keep the shelter in business.

“I want to thank Ronaldo from the bottom of my heart,” said the 34-year-old. “It’s a simple gesture but very important.”

A volunteer at the kennel, 53-year-old Gloria Carvalho, is said to have links to Ronaldo’s extended family. Ronaldo is well-known for his philanthropic efforts, having donated millions to children’s charities around the globe.

At the tail end of last year, Ronaldo sent a video message via his Instagram account to the children of Syria affected by the county’s long-running civil war, telling them they are “true heroes”.

The former Manchester United forward also made a “generous donation” to Save the Children, the international non-governmental organisation, for whom he works as an ambassador.

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