Boys Battle Snake As It Wraps Around The Dog In A Deathly Struggle

Being a dog lover and a snake lover are wildly different things, but some few may love both, for our money we just love our dogs the most and will risk anything for them, just like in this story…

Incredibly the footage shows the moments where these three young boys take on the mother of all snakes as it tries to trap and eat their beloved dog, brave, and a little crazy too!

The monster snake is wrapped around the lower body and the dog’s hind legs too, the poor dog can be heard screaming and crying out for help as he tried to escape.

The dog sits up but the snake is still latched onto the poor dog, the snake is determined to eat him, the eldest boy attempts to hit the snake to save his dog, he looks like he is wielding a pole made from metal.

The boys then try to loosen the snake but its tight and powerful grip on the doggie is firm and secure, the younger boys throw leaves at the snake to try to free his hold…

The dog seemed more dazzled than stressed out and the kids were battling the reptile still, according to the news.

The boys then try turning the dog’s body from one side to the other, to try to throw off the snake, but only succeed in parting the snake a little away from the dog.

They manage to uncurl the snake from the dog a little, then the two boys go opposite sides of the snake and trying to hold it, a hard task for sure!

The dog then gets a spurt of energy, he jumps out of the snake’s tight grip and screams out as he runs off…

Thankfully the dog didn’t appear to be hurt by the attack, but for the snake, we don’t know exactly what happened to it.

The older of the boys are seen holding the snake, it’s wriggling about frantically, the boy has the snakes head, and he has his victory!

We are certainly very pleased that this lovely doggie came out of the whole incident unscathed, and we wish him a happy life!

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