Slave Labor Abused Children Run illegal Puppy Mill With Parents

Puppy mills are a terrible thing, but this one couple took it even one stage further, who would have believed what they did, it’s certainly true fact is stranger than fiction…

This couple from Texas has been accused of using their adopted children as a slave labor force to keep their illegal puppy mill running.

There were over a hundred mistreated pups in awful and dirty conditions, held by Jeffery and Barbara Barrett, their five children forced to run the venture with them.

The local neighbors say that the had noticed small changes over time, they stopped seeing the children out of the house, that sort of thing…

Saul Rodriguez Jr., a neighbor said:“The kids were going to school with us for a while, maybe a year or so. After that, they didn’t go to school anymore”

“The parents didn’t want us around them. They never left the house. They just didn’t want to interact with anybody.”

“One time there was a ball that went over to the side of their house and they yelled at us for trespassing.”

All this time their metal barn in the backyard was filling up with dogs, everyone was noticing the barking and the bad smells emanating from the barn…

They were keeping the poor pups in some really awful conditions, completely filthy according to the local SPCA organization.

Maura Davies, from the organization, said:

“It was just covered in feces and urine, and the animals’ physical conditions were also not good …Their coats were matted and covered in feces.”

The children were ages ranging from 12 to 17 and the parents allegedly forced them to help run the whole operation.

Thankfully the authorities and the SPCA stepped in and its a good job they did, those poor pups, both cruelties to the children and the pups, the children are in foster care and the pups have been found loving homes too.

We only hope that the couple receives the justice that they deserve!

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