Sick Senior Forced To Surrender Her Dog After Medical Bills, Then A Miracle Happens!

Suffering a stroke is a hard thing, it can affect people differently depending on how long it is after your stroke that you get treatment, it’ life-changing, but for this one woman, it meant she would lose her beloved dog!

This poor woman after suffering from a stroke was very grateful that she was alive, but she was affected, it left her in debt and deaf…

She was forced to sell her house and most of her belongings just to survive and get out of her situation, but there was even worse to come.

As well as selling virtually everything she owned to clear her debt she had, what she considered to be the most heartbreaking news of all.

The low-income apartments he had to move into had a strict policy about pets and forced her to surrender her beloved companion, her beautiful do Oreo!

beloved dog

She was really heartbroken, she felt alone and lost and just really bad about losing her best friend.

And she could only speak broken English, after her stroke, and losing her dog on top of everything else was just the final straw!

She tried her very hardest to convince the landlord, who was exceptionally stubborn, that she really could not live without Oreo, but in the end of it, she failed…

She tried her hardest convince the landlord but still there was really no choice she had to give up her beloved dog Oreo!

beloved dog

Oreo to was really heartbroken, the animal rescue took him on walks but he would just keep crying, then he would start shaking, he was really suffering without his pal too!

Poor Oreo just didn’t bond with any of the shelter staff, he just wanted his owner back, to be home at her side!

beloved dog

After she had to surrender Oreo to the shelter her health really declined, she couldn’t sleep at night and she was losing weight too. She was responding to the loss of her beloved dog!

Her sister realized why was happening to her and what a terrible effect it was having on her, she decided she couldn’t see that happen to her sister anymore, she was going to take action!

Her sister stepped up and went to the shelter, she adopted the do herself, now she is working with her sister’s doctor to get a doctor’s note that will allow her to get the dog into her new apartment.

You can see their lovely and touching reunion in the video below:

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