Sick of the barking, he shot his neighbor’s dog

A Centerville man caused his neighbor’s dog a fatal wound after shooting him with a pellet gun.

The shooting happened 12:37 p.m. on  Dec. 4 at a home on Clear Ridge in Centerville, with the owner of a 3-year-old dachshund named Buddy believing her dog had been injured while playing with another dog.

Upon examination, a veterinarian determined Buddy had actually been shot by a pellet gun, and told the owner the dog would possibly die from his injuries.

An x-ray showed a pellet gun projectile lodged in the dog’s brain, with Buddy’s owner noting she’d noticed blood in the snow by a fence where the dog was injured, and said she believed her neighbor, Larry Hanson, was responsible.

The owner said Hanson had “gone after her dogs with a broomstick” in August, and “always yelled at them for barking” but she’d not reported it as she didn’t want to create an issue with her neighbors.

A deputy interviewed Hanson, who said he couldn’t remember if he’d been outside at the time that Buddy was injured, and hesitated when asked if he’d shot the dog, before saying no.

He did admit he doesn’t like dogs, but denied that he owned a pellet gun, again after hesitating.

An officer later spoke with Hanson’s wife, who said there was a pellet gun in the house and offered to show it to him, but couldn’t find it. She also said her husband doesn’t like the neighbor’s dogs and had previously threatened to shoot them with the pellet gun.

When after if she thought Hanson had shot Buddy that day, his wife said yes.

When interviewed, Hanson admitted to shooting the dog, saying he didn’t like the neighbor’s dogs barking, and also admitted striking Buddy with a broom handle earlier that year.

He said he didn’t intend to kill Buddy, rather he wanted to “sting” him.

Buddy died the morning after he was shot, without every regaining consciousness.

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