Sick, Chained and Lonely Dogs, Scandal At Iditarod Champ’s Kennel!

Video footage and photos emerged, when somebody came forward to reveal dying an injured puppies, as well as sick dogs, in a kennel said to be owned by Dallas Seavey, the four time Iditarod champion holder, who was recently shown to be implicated in a dog doping scandal!

According to the person that came forward, the Willow, Alaska, kennel staff let badly hurt and sick dogs suffer, sometimes with fatal consequences, without any veterinary care. There was a litter of seven new puppies who all died in the past month or so without any veterinary care, at all!

One of the puppies was buried on site; as were many others who died, it was said. The puppies, seen munching on the Pedialyte soaked sponges, later supposedly died…

Many, many, dogs were said to have suffered from bloody diarrhea with vomiting, puncture wounds and torn ears. It was said that staff picked up dogs by their throats then threw them because they were either fighting or not being obedient.

The person who reported this said that there were a lot of dogs that had injuries and were suffering, with different ailments some with bloody diarrhea.

The dog chained up here was suffering from what looks like to be an open wound; weeping and looking to be in a terrible state.

Some dogs have been just left for many weeks in doghouses; completely wet with the rain and snow.

The three leg dog called Gott, the one who had a spinal clot during the Yukon Quest race then had to have his leg amputated, is claimed to be perpetually chained and really struggles to move around.

PETA took the evidence and sent it to state police and then local animal control authorities, it has learned that the officials have inspected both of Seavey’s owned properties over the weekend.

Each day brings more revelations of the terrible and routinely cruel practices in the sledding industry. Only last week Zoya DeNure, a veteran musher; spoke out that she believed that some trainers, including Seavey’s kennels trainers, had:

“…killed hundreds on top of hundreds or more dogs”

(…because they were deemed slow or unfit for races.)

“Sadly, this has been going on in the family ‘dynasty’ for decades.”

Seavey’s revalations started earlier this month after it was released by Iditarod officials that he was involved in opioid doping with dogs he used for racing. Iditarod have indeed confirmed that in the the 2017 race; there were many dogs who had tested positive for ‘prohibited substances’.

All dogs deserver much batter than this; having to endure a lifetime of loneliness, pain and death!

PETA supporters spoke out and many companies have removed themselves from the sponsorship deals they had with Iditarod. But sadly Alaska Airlines and Jack Daniel’s are continuing to fund them in this deadly practice.

Let’s all of us stand with PETA and demand that they stop sponsoring this abusive race; spread the word, share this and lets hope together we can make a difference!

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