Incredibly Difficult Rescue Operation For Abandoned Puppy With Shredded Paws

After an incredibly difficult rescue operation this doggie gets love and affection, the stray was thought to have found her way inside some sort of farming machinery…

Her name was Iris, and when her owners moved on to another place, sadly they left her behind, her paws and pads were really badly injured and she couldn’t walk very well, ho awful!

The people who rented the property and also the property owner sought help for her without any hesitation, unfortunately, it was a month later that ‘Pinky Paws ResQ’ actually managed to capture her.

During the time her poorly paws had got a lot worse, she had lost a lot of weight and was really looking considerably worse than when they first discovered her.

Over that time the wounds to her paws worsened and she lost a lot of weight.

Selma, California, the rescue organization, said:

“Property owner and two renters said Oct. 7 Fresno humane was called never came out. Fresno humane was called again Oct. 8 and went out. She was dragging her back end and they lost her. Everyone thought a trap was set but it was never set.”

“I went out with friends for days and long hours no one else showed to help. I was sinking in the mud and no sighting. Nov. 3rd, 3 weeks later she was spotted again skin and bones. No one recognized her. No one thought she was alive [after] she disappeared.”

“She was now hopping fast through underbrush vines. We ran for hours didn’t have enough help and then it got dark.”

Pinky Paws called out for volunteers to help them be able to make a successful rescue, there were over 20 people of a wide range of ages that came to answer their call!

Unsuccessful in their rescue attempts, Pinky Paws begged for volunteers to help and over 20 people of all ages answered the call!

The actual moment that she was captured, happens, very luckily, as it was being filmed. At last, she can be taken to safety and cared for, her wounds tended to and re-homed!

The pictures of Iris show that her paws have been badly scraped, she was in a lot of pain and really couldn’t walk very well, the vet found that there were small fragments of plastic and bone sticking through her hind paws.

Thankfully upon a thorough check, the vet said there were no broken bones, incredible really what a miracle, he seemed to think that she had found her way inside some sort of machinery, and it was this that caused those specific types of injuries.

Her paws were so incredibly sore, treating them was a real challenge and quite painful, but with the hardest parts of the procedures finished, over time she began to heal and feel better.

Pinky Paws said that Iris is scared of people in general, and very jumpy if people try to pet her, she will need to go to an experienced person to forever home to give her the care, attention, and love that she needs to flourish again.

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At last there is a truly happy end to such a sad story! This is how a lovely dog has flourished and become what she is now, at last happy to live!

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