Shot In Neck, Hit With A Hammer, Lay For Three Weeks, It’s The Worse Case Ever!

This is truly one of those stories that leave us lost for words, when this doggie, called Trooper, was carried, he was just lifeless. He is a yellow Labrador and it was one of the worse cases that they have ever seen…

Katrina Campbell, the Stray Paws Rescue volunteer, said: “When they carried him in, it was like carrying in a carcass… The smell was almost like death”

A Couple who loved locally contacted Campbell, they found Trooper in a ditch, he was almost glued to the ground in a very somber fashion, his injuries were extensive!

The poor doggie was paralyzed from the waist down, he had red blood on his yellow fur, and the urine he was lay in was pungent and rancid, burning his skin!

It was looking like he had been hit by a car, it all seemed to point to that at the time…


Katrina said:

“I got down on my knees, kissed him on the head and said a prayer for him.”

She realized he was on the edge and asked him, without expecting an answer if he had any fight left in him, that’s when Trooper picked his head up and licked her!

One week on Trooper is still fighting, he is stronger every single day, advocate Mandy Ryan is looking to get Troopers abusers prosecuted, but the case really is a shocker, revealing in the way animals can be treated in rural Missouri, by anyone!

Katrina posted pictures of Trooper online, that’s how the president of the rescue Missouri K9 Friends, Ryan, Learned about Trooper, he sees many cases but he said that this case goes way beyond the normal!

Trooper was so bad everyone thought he might not survive the night, but he did, he had head trauma too, but the next morning he seemed to be doing better. Even more disturbingly they saw signs that the injuries were from a person, not a car!

The abuse maws for animals are really basic in St. Francois County, but one law stands out if a dog is loose and gets onto some private property, if he is destroying any of the property, it is within the property owner’s right to legally shoot the dog.


He was x-rayed and that showed that he had no broken bones, they were very puzzled how he became paralyzed, but then they discovered a bullet wound on his neck and strange lumps on his head that looks intentionally made.

Mandy, the advocate, found his previous owners, who signed him to rescuers, he had a history of getting lose by himself, then the community all indicated that there was one guy who they thought could be implicated in what went on.

Ryan called the man but didn’t get any new leads, but she got a confession instead though, he told her that he shot the Labrador Trooper, he said he shot down to scare him but missed and hit his neck.

He then said that he went to put him out of his mystery with a hammer to his head like farmers would do to rabbits.

It seems like he had been there for a full three weeks before he was discovered, he really was a real fighter!

He was obeying the law up until the point he took a hammer to his head, as the law says, abuse is happening when someone:

“…intentionally or purposefully kills an animal in any manner” outside methods approved by the American Veterinary Medical Association’s Panel on Euthanasia or when a person “purposely or intentionally causes injury or suffering to an animal.”

That night, Campbell heard the deputy talking about Trooper’s case in a local bar. She confronted him, but when she reminded the officer that the man’s actions were illegal, he responded with a shrug of the shoulders…

Campbell said:

“He said that if they had gotten the call before us, they would have put a bullet in his head and called it a day …There would have been no investigation, no report, they would never have known that he was there in an abusive way. I want that mindset to change.”

The Sheriff’s office said that the deputy was not available to comment and no one else was available to comment on the issue.

Ryan and Campbell say they have deep worries about the treatment of animals in the rural parts of the state.

Ryan remembers one time she was called by an animal rescue, they were afraid to approach law enforcement about a guy shooting cats, for fun!

Trooper is getting better very slowly, they are working on getting him walking again.

Trooper is progressing slowly. The next step for the lab is to see if he will walk again — and to see whether the county prosecutor pursues a case.

We really hope Trooper gets better soon and he finds a loving forever home, all states really should have strict animal abuse laws, it’s just not right!

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