Shot By Cop Dying Dog ’s Last Moments With Owner Are Heartbreaking!

In Aurora, Colorado, a dying dog ’s last moments with his owner have gone viral. According to CbsDenver, authorities contend police shot the dog because it had acted “aggressively.”

The tragic scene of dying dog, played out on Wednesday when Aurora police received a 911 call stating a woman was surrounded by two dogs, misidentified as pit bulls that were attacking someone.

When the officer arrived, he stated the larger of the two dogs had taken a defensive stance, and the policeman was afraid for his safety and shot the dog.

The dog’s owner, Valeria Rios disputes the officer’s claim and wants to know why a taser or pepper spray could not have been used instead.

dying dog 2

Valeria claims the witnesses and officers exaggerated the situation, and the dogs attacked no one. Tragically, Valeria had to have her dog euthanized; the injury from the gunshot wound was too severe for her dog Angelo, to have survived.

“He did not deserve to get shot. Animal control should have been there, not them,” said Rios.

The video of Valeria kissing Angelo during the dying dog’s last moments can be seen here. Rest in peace Angelo. Rios has not decided if she will pursue legal channels.

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