Shoelace Tied And Embedded Around Puppy’s Neck, Then Left On The Streets!

We have seen and heard of some pretty rough and unusual things happening to animals and especially so to our four-pawed friends, well this is one of those unusual times!

Anna Barbosa, president of Houston K-911 Rescue, said to the news that this doggie, called Gus by the people that rescued him, was found roaming the busy streets.

They captured him then the rescuers took him to the emergency vet, he had a shoestring tied around his neck tightly and it was embedded into him deeply.

Anna said that it was likely that the shoestring was put there as he was a puppy but never taken off, the lack of circulation filled his head with fluid, the poor dog…

Anna said:

“It’s really awful, the way these homeless dogs have to live”

She also noted that Gus is the second dog that her organization has rescued in recent months that has suffered from a similar condition (that dog, Ralph, which was found with a wire chain around his neck, has since recovered and was adopted by a family in Wisconsin).

Because of heavy scarring around the Gus’ neck the dog was also sent to a specialist of soft tissue in a small animal clinic, they really could help him more there.

Gus has had surgery to remove his scar tissue, but they had to stop before they finished because he had lost too much blood.

He was also given a blood transfusion, however, he will be likely to need another surgery to remove the rest of the scar tissue…

Gus had some x-rays where they discovered over 28 pellets in his body, the local authorities have since started investigating what happened to this poor dog.

Anna said:

“There is so much cruelty. Some people [shoot] because they want the dogs off their property or they do it for grins; you never know why people do this stuff”

Gus is now recovering slowly after such an awful ordeal, the swelling in his head alone must have been truly awful, he how gets massage therapy to help with the swelling and its working, slowly.

Anna said:

“He’s looking great…” but “…He’s afraid of everything, but he’s so gentle.”

Anna also said:

“He’s been in so much pain he doesn’t really have a personality yet …So I think he’s starting to make the connection”

“We as rescuers are overwhelmed with the situation here in Houston, if this helps the animals get a voice then his story will be worth it”

“He’s a representation of the homeless animal crisis that we have”

She really hopes that Gus will find a great forever home and we do too!!

Who could do such a barbaric thing to tie a shoestring around an animal’s head as a puppy, we just can’t make sense of it!

What do you think ?