Chained To The Top Of A Cage Sitting On A Trailer – Caught On Video As Its Owner Speeds Down The Interstate

A shocking video has emerged showing a terrified dog chained to the top of a cage as its owner drives down a highway.

Brenna Cronin posted the disturbing footage to Facebook on Wednesday after she spotted the helpless struggling terrified dog tied to the moving trailer on Interstate 95 in Florida.

She said the dog had ‘the letter S branded into his right back leg’.

Animal services are now investigating after they viewed the ‘disturbing’ clip. But the owner has insisted he did nothing wrong – as the dog likes riding on the top of the cage.

The video shows the dog, which appears to be a pit bull, chained to the top of a cage sitting on a trailer.


As the woman’s car passed the Chevrolet SUV, the dog managed to stand up. At least two other dogs appeared to be in the cage as well.

The video has been shared more than 8,000 times and, as of Thursday night, had one million views.

After the video surfaced, the dog’s owner spoke to Action News Jax; but said he did not want to be interviewed on camera.


He insisted he did nothing wrong and said the dog prefers to ride on top of the cage instead of inside.

Paul Studivant, the Operations Manager of the St Johns County Division of Animal Control; told the station they’re conducting an investigation along with Flagler County Animal Control. ‘Very disturbing to see,’ said Studivant.

In St Johns County, it’s illegal to transport uncovered dogs. They have to be secured inside a pet carrier or cage.

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