They Arrived to Rescue a Puppy Bound By Wire. What they found instead sent shivers down their spines.

Volunteers arrived in a neighborhood in Athens, Greece, to rescue a puppy they thought had been run over a car.

What they found instead sent shivers down their spines. “The puppy was chained in a field right outside the owner’s house,” Orphan Pet Greece writes.

“Her neck and legs had been tied with a wire weeks before, and as she was growing bigger the wire was entering the flesh, almost splitting her in two.

We had called her Shiver, because a shiver down our spine was all we felt for weeks after she was rescued.”

What was also upsetting to the rescuers was that a neighbor confirmed the dog’s owner’s abuse but had been too scared to report it.

Rescuers from Ilioupolis Animal Welfare Union took the young dog they renamed Jade to the vet, where the doctors worked to remove the embedded wire.

For the first few weeks, they weren’t sure if Jade would lose her hind legs, but she pulled through and after 2 months of care at the clinic, Jade was on on her path to a new life and a loving home.

Warning: graphic imagery contained in video may be disturbing to some viewers. Caution is advised.

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