Shivering Cold Pup Petey Left To Die Because He Was “Different”?

Do you remember Petey from the Little Rascal, formerly known as Our Gang, a comedy? Petey the dog with a ring around his eye… If you do you will absolutely know why this puppy is named after him.

This little pup, Petey, was abandoned, just left in the park to die a horrible death along with his brother. It was all because he was different from the other puppies, how cruel!

Thankfully a woman saw the puppies during her walk home with her child from school. The pups were really starving, lifeless, sleepy and very cold. She quickly got them to the vet, but, unfortunately, Pete’s brother died.

Pete was a real fighter, but as he was being examined the vet saw that he wasn’t moving quite right, there was something wrong.

It seems that he has a condition called cerebellar hypoplasia, a neurological condition caused by the cerebellum not being properly developed.


During pregnancy, the mother could have an infection or be genetic all predisposed to give this condition to her pup. Some of the signs are general clumsiness (more than normal puppy clumsiness), consistent falling and head bobbing.

His foster mom said:

“He’s rambunctious, curious and silly”

“He’s also very confident and enjoys meeting new people”

Petey really came out a winner though, even with everything against him right from the beginning and every step of the way.

Now, over time he has learned to eat by himself! He adored cuddles and has learned how to run too, being adopted by a lovely couple that gives him everything he needs, cuddles, love and care!

Watch the video of Petey’s condition below:

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