Shelter Security Cameras Catches The Truth About This Skeleton Like Tiny Pup!

When we see a doggie that is so skinny and looks so incredibly poorly it makes our hearts sink, to think of the distress that poor puppy has endured already to get to that state, well sadly we have seen another case, a dog called Bambi.

Poor Bambi was so skinny that she has been likened to a skeleton, one of the rescuers found this poor dog, really just in time to save her!

Amanda Ellis of King’s Harvest Pet Rescue said:“When you feel Bambi, it is almost like feeling a skeleton”

It was Amanda who found the doggie near the shelter and brought her in to get the help she needed… The security CCTV cameras captured a guy unloading the dog just outside of the shelter, too embarrassed and ashamed to even bring the poor pup into the shelter.

Amanda said:

“At first glance, we thought it was somebody who had donated a kennel.”


The news reported that the doggie managed to escape and then was recaptured and brought back to the safety of the shelter again.

Amanda decided to call her Bambi, the way she walked like Bambi and the fact that she was still standing upright really was a miracle, Amanda remembered being surprised that the little doggie could even walk!

Bambi had sole really horrible skin infections, quite typical of a puppy who had not been cared for at all, along with her skeletal bones poking through the skin her condition was quite serious, she was taken for immediate medical treatment!

She started to show great signs of recovery with a little treatment and some love, a good meal and a nice comfy place to sleep!

Amanda said:

“It really goes to show how much of a survivor Bambi truly is …She has a very strong will to live, and she’s going to.”

Bambi should be recovered enough for adoption in about a months time, we hope she finds a really lovely home, a safe and happy home!

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