Shelter President Has Dog Pepper Sprayed Then Euthanized

In life, there are sad times when our beloved dog has to be put to rest, to cross the rainbow bridge and we are strong to do it, but that is a far cry from what happened here, pepper spray, really?

Quite rightly so animal rights advocates are seeking the president of a shelter to be removed from his position after a dog was pepper sprayed before being euthanized…

The animal shelter, called the “Cheyenne Animal Shelter”, said that the 70-pound pit bull mix breed dog attacked one of their employees on a previous date and that’s why they did it.

They said it was for everyone’s sake they pepper sprayed him, for “employee safety”, we are almost lost for words, the poor dog is only 8-months-old!

Another worker at the shelter was quite upset and concerned about the unnecessary suffering the dog was put through, thankfully somebody was!

It all seemed to start when an employee of the shelter, Marissa Cox, said that she was bitten by the dog, called Tanner, she said, several times.

She said:

“He got a bite on the lower right shin, and then up to my thigh …Once he got to my thigh, the next place was going to be my face.”

Marissa did also say that she did not need extensive medical treatment, but she also said that she feared for her life, we wonder if the “pit bull” simply scared her, and we all know how animals react to scared people, right?

The day after this all happened, the president of the shelter, Robert Fecht, told employees to take Tanner, poor boy, outside then to pepper spray him, we can’t believe our ears at this point!!!

A Former employee, called Kevin Brueck, alleges that Robert told him and other employees:

They… “better not have any phones out” …as the dog was being sprayed.

Kevin said:

“The next thing you see is Tanner coming around the corner, just looking like, messed up and confused. He’s got some red dripping out of his mouth”

Robert admitted that the dog was sprayed as part of a:

… “controlled demonstration using the animal that everybody in this building was the most afraid of.”

He went on to say:

“I mean, honestly… I was very scared that if we did not do something we could have this happen (again), and the next time somebody might actually be killed by the animal. So I made the decision to issue to our staff and train them on pepper spray.”

Kevin said that he really was not in agreement with how the so-called ‘training’ was handled, is was later on that Tanner was actually euthanized.

This beautiful dog really needed a professional trainer and a good home, what a waste of a beautiful animal for the sake of ignorance…

We know what we think, what about you, tell us in the comments what action you think should be taken?

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