This Shelter Knows Why Game Of Thrones Fans Are Abandoning Dogs!

Us dog lovers know better that most that the wonderful feeling of getting a young puppy is completely awesome, not like any other, apart from maybe rescuing a deserving doggie! Many want to get or buy a puppy for a present…

Having a doggie in your life really does brighten up your life, the unconditional love you get is just one of many perks… From your worse day to your best your four legged friend will be beside you!

This really brings us to WHY would anyone possibly want to abandon any of these beautiful loving creatures, at all, ever? However one shelter says there is really a reason why…

Fans of Game Of Thrones were all too quick to adopt or buy malamutes and huskies when the show was at its height of popularity, every fan that watched the show wanted to have what they saw popularized in the show!

Many really wanted companionship and loyalty like every Stark had, however there are some small unconsidered problems with these puppies, after all they are really difficult to bring up!


The Battersea Dogs and Cats Home identified that these people in smaller apartments really couldn’t cope with these dogs…

The shelter said that this breed in particular really don’t like to be left alone for periods of time and just to make matters even worse they need huge amount of exercise too!

Pet owners who work really aren’t suited to this dog and it would be really not a good idea in cases like these…

The shelter saw that in 2010 there were around 50 huskies and malamutes surrendered to them, but by 2013 the number soared to 116. The shelter really think that the issue is lack of careful thought that goes into getting a dog, that and maybe a lack of research into the breed!

They said:

“Maybe people have got them without really thinking about what they have taken on, or people have been given them as present when they actually didn’t necessarily want to take on the responsibility of a dog or a cat around the rest of its life.”

When buying or adopting a dog its still really important to do your research and to know what you’re letting yourself in for and can you cope with that, are you really prepared for what is to come?

If you are the sort of person with a busy schedule then consider this in your selection as well as how much free space you have and the available time you have too, all are important!

Buying an animal because of a trend or a fad or even because they are the ‘in’ thing to have or ‘uber’ popular is never a wise idea, no matter how good it may seem at the time.

SHARE some wisdom and let’s educate each other in good practices when adopting or buying a doggie or a puppy!

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