Shelter dog never had a real forever home, has waited almost her entire life for it!

It’s so unfortunate to know there are so many dogs needing to be adopted. Hundreds of thousands of dogs are left at shelters all over the country.

Many are euthanized because no one wants them. Some, like Jessica, the pit bull mix, were left at a shelter and adopted several times only to be returned.

This poor girl! Jessica’s never had a real forever home. It’s affected her greatly because she has never understood why no one keeps her. Jessica’s adventure started back in 2013 when she was not even a year old. She has been homeless for over 1,400 days, over 4/5 of her life.

She’d already given birth to a litter of puppies. Jessica’s puppies weren’t with her when she was taken to Animal Care centers of NYC, (ACC).

Cassiah Ward, a volunteer with Second Chance Rescue, a rescue group who would save the pit bull’s life, thinks it’s just bad, rotten luck; how unfortunate for Jessica!

Not only did Jessica arrive without her puppies, but she also had a horrible case of mange. Ward explains Jessica’s condition and how it declined: “She had terrible, horrible mange — bad.

“The best way I can describe it is that she looked like a plucked chicken. She also had small secondary infections — she had scabs and then she developed a kennel cough.”

After the ACC put Jessica on the euthanasia list, Second Chance rescue stepped in and took Jessica to one of their shelters.

The pit bull mix is now four and a half years old. She’s an adult in dog years and has been waiting to be permanently adopted.

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Second Chance Rescue thought Jessica’s troubles would be over. They figured she’d find a forever home in no time. Ward discussed the first time Jessica was adopted: “She wound up being adopted by a couple who seemed committed and we took it very slowly,” Ward said.

“They visited her a couple of times, then they did an overnight, and then they were sure they wanted her. Fast forward five months, they changed their minds and said they couldn’t keep her anymore.”

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On her return, Jessica was transferred to Home Rehabilitation Center, a boarding kennel in Virginia that’s also a partner organization to Second Chance Rescue.

Jessica was adopted for a second time by a family. Just as with the first adoption, things didn’t work out with this family either.

“They had a 2-year-old, and the wife was eight months pregnant at the time,” Ward said.

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“A couple of months later, [Jessica] was returned. It was nothing that she did — they just had a newborn baby and a toddler, and didn’t have time for her.”

A familiar pattern developed; someone would come along and adopt Jessica, only to return her.

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Second Chance rescue wrote on social media after this second adoption in Virginia: “When she was in Virginia and returned the second time, I think she was affected by that,” Ward said. “I saw pictures of her, and she just looked sad.

Even for the most resilient dog (and she’s pretty resilient), I can’t imagine being bounced around that much.”

Unfortunately, things didn’t improve for Jessica. She was eventually taken back to New York. She was adopted, again and surrendered again. Jessica found an awesome foster dad. The foster parent had to have surgery, so Jessica was sent to a boarding shelter.

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“The place where she is now — she’s happy but sad,” Ward said. “She’s comfortable there. But at the same time, it’s not a home — it’s boarding.”

Ward does what she can to visit Jessica. The volunteer lives in a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan. She already has a dog.

Jessica can’t live or interact with other dogs. Ward takes the pit bull mix out of boarding for day fun.

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“She needs to be the only pet, but I think that there’s a misconception that she’s wild and crazy, but she’s not,” Ward said.

“And even though she can’t be around other dogs … She doesn’t go crazy when she sees another dog. If you pass at a distance, she feels comfortable and just ignores them.”

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Ward continues her praise of the sweet girl: “She’s good on leash, and she loves meeting people,” Ward added. “I bring her everywhere with me. She goes clothes shopping; she goes to Petco.”

Ward says that Jessica loves mental challenges and she’s aced agility courses According to Ward, Jessica loves people: “She is the most affectionate dog,” Ward added.

“You cannot take her for a walk without every other person stopping to say hello to her because she’s so, so sweet. She’ll stop, and she’ll look at people, and then she’ll stand in place and wiggle, and she tap her feet around — it looks like she’s tap dancing.

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“She follows you everywhere, but not in a way where she’s under your feet — she just likes to keep you in sight,” Ward added. “She’s just so adorable.”

We hope that Jessica will soon find a permanent home. This poor lady has suffered too long and too much without the presence of a stable family to love her for the rest of her life.

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