He Was ‘Too Old’ For Adoption, Shelter Staff Found Heart-Breaking Letter That Made Them All Cry!

Roofus was very energetic for a 10-year-old dog. Always smiling and ready to seize the day, the shelter dog didn’t seem aware of his own woes.

Roofus had entered the shelter in 2010 and experienced a few adoptions. The beautiful dog was taken home by several families, only to be returned shortly after. His owners gave excuses such as “He wasn’t a good fit” or “He’s too old.”

Despite being returned to the shelter multiple times, the dog never lost his excitement for life and hope for the future.

“It’s hard for anyone not to, like, love him when they meet him,” Meg, a shelter employee explains in a video posted on February 5, 2016. She continues, “It’s a lot harder for these guys to get adopted,” referring to older shelter dogs like Roofus.

One day, while searching through his files, the shelter staff discovered something they had never seen before. Deep within his paperwork was a letter from his former family, the one that first brought him back to the shelter in 2010.

The six-year-old letter was written in the third person and signed, “Love, Roofus.” It was as if Roofus had written the note himself.

The emotional discovery was so powerful, it moved Meg to tears while she read it aloud.

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To find out what the heart-wrenching letter said, check out the video below. Just make sure to bring some tissues!

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