Shelter Dog Finds New Owner After 94 Days, Adopted By His Favorite Volunteer!

Even though none of us want our dogs to be in a dog shelter, we are very grateful that dog shelters exist because they bridge the gap between dogs on the street and dogs that are nursed back to health and rehomed, with a second chance at life.

But, no matter though how amazing the shelters are or how great the staff is too, these doggies need real homes and real forever families.

Every single dog deserves a good and loving home with owners that love and care, but sadly a lot of dogs in shelters are in those shelters for a lot longer than is ideal…

Bubba Jr. was just one of those dogs, he was at the Lewis & Clark Humane Society in Helena, Montana, for 94 days, that’s an awfully long time in a shelter for a dog!

Then though there was something that happened that was really awesome, someone that worked there, a volunteer decided to take him home, for good!

The shelter updated their diary and posted an entry, as if from Bubba Jr., to their Facebook. After a few short weeks this one post got around 85,000 reactions and 20,000 shares, Bubba was viral!

The Facebook post said:

“Dear Diary,

It’s Bubba Jr. again. It’s day 94 here at the shelter and something feels a little different– my favorite volunteer came in for our daily walk and snuggles, that was pretty normal. But then we did something different; my staff friends brought me up to the front desk! I never get to go there and it was fun. They all started giving me kisses and pats and saying ‘Good Bye’ they are silly, I’ll see them tomorrow.”

“My favorite volunteer seemed really excited today, he kept asking me if I was ready! Ready for what? He was signing lots of papers, I can’t read but they seemed important.”

“After lots of pictures and hugs from my shelter friends I headed out the front door, I never get to do that! My volunteer put me in the car and we headed out of the shelter.”

“He keeps telling me were going home! I don’t know what that means but I can’t wait to find out. I’m going to miss all the friends I have made, but I can’t wait to see what happens next!”

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