Shelter Dog Helps 340-Pound Man Completely Turn His Life Around

He Adopts A Big Middle-Aged Shelter Dog. But He Is Stunned By What He Finds In His Paperwork…

In 2010, a doctor gave Eric O’Grey a devastating prognosis: He’d probably be dead in about five years if he continued on with his lifestyle.

He had reached a weight of 340 lbs. and was suffering from high blood pressure and high cholesterol, as well as Type 2 diabetes. Although he was taking medication to control his health issues, it wouldn’t be enough to keep him alive.

“I just felt really uncomfortable around other people,” he says in the Humane Society Silicon Valley video below. “I became separated from society and I just stopped living.”

But O’Grey decided to put his foot down and make a change after a stranger ridiculed him for his weight on a flight. Yet, he had no idea that his savior wouldn’t just come from a new nutrition plan, but man’s best friend.

A nutritionist encouraged O’Grey to adopt a dog, telling him that it would make his transition to a new lifestyle easier. He took her advice and adopted a shelter dog with characteristics like his: obese and middle-aged.

But Peety the pooch wasn’t the only one who was saved that day, as you’ll quickly understand in the clip below. Like the dog who gave her handicap owner hope, Peety changed O’Grey’s world forever.

“Thanks to Peety, I wake up every day wanting to be the best person that I can possibly be. He completely transformed me into a different person,” O’Grey says.

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Eric & Peety

You know animal rescue isn't just about animals. Before Eric met Peety, his doctor told him to buy a cemetery plot because he wouldn’t make it another five years. Watch their story and submit your own at The best stories will be made into short films. Rescued pets save lives.

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