Frightened And Depressed Shelter Dog Meets Her New Mom For The First Time


A shelter can be a very stressful place for a dog. If you’re considering adopting an animal from a shelter, don’t judge their personality based on what you notice there.

Many times dogs in shelters don’t get the opportunity to show much love to the humans around them. You need to observe them outside the shelter setting to see what they’re like.

Before you fully commit to adopting a pet of your own, first consider fostering one instead. Shelter animals aren’t always what they seem once you get them home and out of the chaotic stressful environment of a shelter.

The shelter animals aren’t always unsociable and sad. It simply takes time for them to feel comfortable in your home and to trust you.

Take this story of a senior dog; this sweet girl had spent much of her life in a protective enclosure. She was frightened and depressed.

The pooch spent most of her days sitting against the wall of her cage not interacting with anyone. To those who cared for her, she appeared unfriendly and closed off.

This dear lady had no one to show affection to until a woman came to the shelter one day and saw past her fear and depression.

The woman knew she wanted to adopt the senior gal right away.

Once the woman got her new friend home, the pooch broke free from her shell. Gone was the introverted scared pup. In her place was a confident, outgoing, fun dog.

Yes, she has some health problems, as do most senior dogs; but with the love and care from her human owner, she’s doing just fine. She plays and lives the kind of life loved dogs lead.

Though this lovely lady spent much of her life in a shelter, where she was sad and scared, she is now whole, healthy, and happy in her forever home with total love and affection.

Don’t judge a book by its cover is quite a fitting metaphor in this context. When we judge, we apply preconceived ideas and misconceptions to people or animals or situations.

Animals especially, don’t deserve to be measured by their appearance, behavior or mannerisms. Let’s keep this in mind the next time we take a trip to our local animal shelter.


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