She hears faint cries coming from neighbor’s apartment, realizes it’s a puppy crying for help!

A Golden Retriever puppy named Raine has earned a second chance at a happy life. After suffering months of extreme abuse at the hands of his former owner, he was finally adopted by his rescuer.

Heather Frazer first heard the puppy in distress in her apartment complex but was unable to locate the apartment where the grim cries were coming from.

Eventually, she located the apartment and witnessed the abuse first-hand. She immediately contacted the authorities.

Police said the puppy’s owner, a 21-year-old student, Shundong Hu, had been beating the puppy with a metal rod. Raine was found traumatized and completely defenseless with tissue swelling, bruising, and numerous lacerations.


After conducting a thorough search of the apartment; two cats were also found with serious injuries as a result of abuse.

One cat had wounds around its mouth and the other’s eye was detached from the socket as a result of the extended abuse.


Raine was taken to the Arizona Humane Society and nursed back to health over several weeks at their Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital.

Once the story had spread, AHS became inundated with emails and calls from people who had been touched by Raine’s story and wanted to help.


They received adoption offers from over 300 people; all offering their homes and support to this brave puppy. In the end, staff at AHS felt it was the woman who rescued Raine that was most deserving.

“It’s hard to comprehend because as a person we are so much stronger. Why would you pick on something that is so defenseless and small? Something that doesn’t stand a chance against you. It’s cruel, it’s cowardly and it’s 100% wrong.” said rescuer Heather Frazer.


“Despite all he has been through, this little pup is so resilient and spirited and chooses to spend his time playing and curled up in people’s laps,” AHS said in a statement.

Hu was arrested on felony animal cruelty charges and stands to face further charges related to the cat’s injuries.

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