Roaming Around Aimlessly, Sharp Tube Attached To His Neck, His Name Is Marvel!

Real life is often stranger or more incredible than fiction, in this case, we really think this is one of those times, it all happened on the 4th January when Rescued-n-Ready Animal Foundation rescued a dog…

The dog they rescued was just roaming around aimlessly, but unusually with a piece of sharp metal tubing around his neck…

In Tulsa, Oklahoma people had seen the dog before but no one could catch him, he seemed to be known but completely carefree and a great escapee!

Apparently, he seems to have had the sharp pipe attached to him since the last summer, but being such a great escapee no one could separate it from him, even the Tulsa Animal Control couldn’t catch him.

Thankfully Rescued-n-Ready Animal Foundation saved the day and captured him, finally!


They took him to their clinic to treat him, that’s when they saw the terrible condition he was in and the awful state of his injuries…

Most of all they were thankfully able to cut the metal tubing off his head and neck!

He was quite anemic and underneath the tube were deep wounds in his head and neck where the tube had been, he was malnourished and had a bad case of ticks!

How this poor doggie even managed to eat was a miracle with the state he was in…


Perhaps he had a guardian angel looking after him because how he survived, all in all, was pretty amazing. The rescuers really were just as determined as he was to survive to get him well again though.

He is such a sweet dog, even as everything is going on he still manages to wag his tail for the rescuers as they work with him to get him well again.

This doggie really was a ‘Marvel’… and that, funnily enough, is what they decided to call him!


A couple of days later on and Marvel is still alive and kicking, eating and drinking well and gaining strength every day.

Best luck to you Marvel it looks like you going to make a stunning recovery!

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