Someone Shot Him With Nail Gun, Was Found Shaking And Crying

Shooting anything, like a gun is a responsibility and any kind of device which can shoot should be handled with proper care! This Guy from Victoria Park says that his pet dog was exceptionally lucky to live after he was shot in the back by a nail bun yesterday!

The Jack Russell crossed with a Pug, called Hank had a 9cm nail coming out of his back, how on this earth did it happen though? Paul the dog’s owner told the radio show that his dog was like that when he returned from work….

Paul came home to find his poor little doggie in terrible pain, not knowing where to put himself for the best! Paul told the radio show that…

“He was sort of crying, shaking and not moving, even when I put food in front of him which is not like him”

“I’ve gone to pick him up and I’ve felt something funny… coming out of his side and it was about a centimeter’s worth of nail hanging out of him.”

Paul rushed the dog to the vets as fast as he could, in a mad panic, the vet said that the nail had missed the dog’s spine by just millimeters, had it hit the spine it could have shattered the bone and caused untold damage…

The vet was confident that the nail was so deep into the dog that there was absolutely no way it could have happened accidentally, so the question is, how did it happen?

9cm’s of nail embedded in Hank’s back, seen here in this picture!

Paul said that as yet nobody seemed to know exactly what, or how it happened, no one has claimed responsibility for what happened! The Animal welfare and protection association RSPCA are investigating to try to ascertain if it was deliberate or a workplace accident.

Hank is now recovering and recuperating, Paul expressed his concern that is someone did this deliberately then what else could they do to another pet or person even?

Paul said:

“It’s just anger now really, the fact that someone’s walking around that has the capacity to be shooting a small dog with a nail gun”

“(Hank has) a beautiful temperament, he wouldn’t hurt a soul.”

“If this person has the capacity to do what they’ve done, what else could they do? I think it’s terrible.”

Let’s hope that they really do find who is responsible, can we share and care and help spread the news, maybe even find out what happened? I hope so, be strong Hank we all feel for you!

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