Senior Dog With Massive Leg Tumor Now Acts Like A Puppy After Getting Surgery !!!

Did you know that most veterinarians consider dogs aged 7 or older as senior dogs? But dogs as young as 5 have a hard time getting adopted if they are in a shelter, according to the Senior Dog Project.

So even if you think 5 is still basically a puppy, when someone is at the shelter, they are going to adopt an actual puppy first.

Because of this, many older dogs spend a long time in shelters. Dogs that are 9 to 12 are practically ancient in shelter ages. Approximately 2.7 million animals are euthanized every year in shelters, according to the ASPCA.

When Bandit was dumped at a shelter by his family, it was for the sole purpose of him being euthanized. He had a massive tumor on one of his legs and they did not want to deal with it.

Being a super senior dog at a shelter, with a tumor, things looked very grim for Bandit. But when Howl of a Dog, a nonprofit organization, heard about Bandit’s story, they swooped in to save the day.

They got Bandit the life-changing surgery he needed to remove the tumor. Once he’d been all cleared up by the vet, Bandit was a brand-new dog! He enjoys rolling around on the ground and playing like a puppy. You can see his incredible transformation in the video below!


To help other dogs who are currently living lives like Bandit was in the shelter, you can donate to Howl of a Dog here! If you enjoy this rescue story, then you will also love this story of a homeless dog who lived in a parking lot moving 5,000 miles away to live with her forever family!

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