Senior Dog (18yr old) To Be Euthanized Just Because He Was Stupid?

Even us humans are far from intelligent sometimes, but it doesn’t mean that we are a waste of space, does it? Figgy, 18 years old doggie was having a few little accidents in the house and his owners decided it was too much for them…

They took him to a clinic to euthanize him, they said to the staff working there that he was stupid and that was one reason they were doing it! The staff said they fell in love with the lovely sweet senior dog, they knew immediately that there was no way they would put him to sleep!!

The center ran several tests on Figgy and they realized that he was blind and a little arthritic too, plus he had rotten teeth but for an 18-year-old dog he was really healthy! There was no good reason to euthanize him at all…

The center contacted Muttville Senior Dog Rescue to see if they had some room for him there, they quickly agreed to take him and Figgy was transported to San Fransisco to be there ready to go to a loving home.

Figgy needed a smooth transition before he was sent to his a new home so Sherri Franklin, the founder of the Senior Dog Center there took him home and looked after him there, how lovely!

senior dog

Sherri said:

“He was a total love bug and slept with me curled up in my armpit. I just loved him”

senior dog

Figgy was a lovely doggie and it wasn’t long before a family was interested in taking him home with them, just a few days in fact!

They advertised Figgy on their website and said he was a hospice dog, which means, really, that he was a doggie that needed a hole to live out the rest of his senior days in…

senior dog

A woman came forward, had looked at the advert, called Eileen. She had previously adopted many senior dogs before and had been very interested in Figgy, she knew she wanted to take him home with her.

Eileen said:

“There’s something about him that called to me …He’ll be our fifth hospice angel.”

Sherri felt that it would be a perfect match for Figgy, an and she drove Figgy to her as soon as she could. He would be loved there and even have a companion called Miss Abbie, another Muttville alum that lived there.

senior dog

Eileen said:

“I just couldn’t help but think that these precious angels had given their love and loyalty to someone their entire lives, and certainly didn’t deserve to die alone in a shelter …They deserved love, comfort, and security for whatever time they happened to have left, and I knew that I could provide that.”

senior dog

What a lovely story, we hope that this senior dog and others like him get to live out their lives in dignity and as long as possible while they are still healthy and happy!

What do you think ?