Senior Couple Chained Dog To Moving Motorbike, After Appeal They Are Charged Again!

Chains and dogs really don’t mix well, but unfortunately, some people just don’t get it at all. These two senior citizens really didn’t get it until authorities took action…

The two seniors dragged a chained dog along the road for about two and a half kilometers, they quite rightly suffered the consequences…

The magistrate’s court fined them around $2000 (in USD) each after they appealed against an earlier sentence that was passed!

The two of them remained completely calm during the sentencing, Wong Then Yoong, 67, and Aw Soon Fatt, 66, were sentenced by the magistrate, who seemed decidedly unimpressed by their actions!

The couple were both riding a motorcycle during they terrible act, they dragged the dog behind them, the poor dog was on a chain, it really turns my stomach, how horrendous!

chained dog

It was originally back in 2016 that they were sentenced to one month in jail and fined around $50 by the court, they had pleaded guilty to the offenses they were charged with.

The two of them decided to appeal against their jail term, then on the August 4th of 2017, the High Court ordered that they be charged again!

They were charged with the original offenses again, the fines and sentences were not in line with the amendments to the act of law they were charged under initially.

The amended law allowed for a much bigger fine to be made up to a maximum of around $13,000 or one year in jail or both, previously it was a maximum fine of $50 and/or six months in jail!

In her judgment, the Judge said that the prosecution had proved the case against the accused, and…

“The court is satisfied that the prosecution has proven its case against the accused beyond reasonable doubt.”

“I am therefore sentencing both of you to seven days jail, and a fine of ($2000) each, in default 12 months’ jail”

It was the deputy public prosecutor that had requested that they made an example of them and give them a deterrent sentence, justice had truly been done!

He said: “The dog was in pain and suffering when the accused carried out the act.”

“A heavy sentence should be imposed, and this should be a warning to the community to ensure such an offense is not repeated.”

The lawyer of the accused said that they were remorseful and promised not to repeat the act ever again and they-they were senior citizens and dependent on their children!?

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