There Was Something Inside The Tent – A Discovery That Changes The Family’s Life Forever!

It’s amazing, but sometimes animals that really need help seem to instinctively seek it out, here is one of those cases or a little good luck, but either way, it’s a great thing!

In her backyard, Lauren Sullivan was with her lovely three doggies called Reny, Beverly and Fasta, then, something happened that never normally happens…

Her dogs made a beeline towards the outside tent, it was a storage tent and they were very intently sniffing the tent, there was something inside the tent that was interesting to them.

Lauren, of course, was now interested too and went over to see what caught their attention, she looked in the tent and saw what looked like a coyote, hiding in the corner of the tent.

Whatever it was it was really scared and skinny, so she gave it some food and water then went inside the house for a little.


When Lauren’s hubby came home it looked like the animal hadn’t moved, but the food had gone…

They got closer and it was then that they saw the animal was actually a dog, it desperately needed help too!

They tried to get close to the dog, but it was scared and growled at them, but it was also crying too, she told her hubby to get a leash as the dog had a reddish collar on.

That collar wasn’t really a collar at all, it was a bloody wound around the dog’s neck, how incredibly sad and what paint the dog was feeling right now!


They got the dog, very carefully, and took it to the animal hospital, they wrapped her in a blanket to get her in the car to take her to the hospital, good thinking on their part!

As they drove to the hospital, they decided he needed a name, so they arrived at the name Toby, what a lovely sweet name.


Toby’s neck injuries looked like a collar because it had actually been caused by a rope around his neck, it was a deep and really bad wound, it was infected too!

Poor Toby was in a bad way, he looked like he had been tied up for months, finally escaped and looked for shelter and help, what a clever doggie, they found the rope in his poop, so it became clear how he escaped!!

Lauren and Sean visited Toby quite a lot, they really had formed an attachment to him, his suffering touched them, they knew they wanted to keep him and give him the love he deserved.


Sure enough just a few days later they took him home with them, they had to be very careful about his neck injury until he healed properly.

All the dogs got along really well together too so it was a good decision for Toby and Lauren and her hubby too, they were meant to find each other!


Lauren and Sean are responsible, caring and loving owners are we thank them for being such great human beings, a credit to us all!

Toby we are so pleased for you, you have a lovely and wonderful time and get well and heal quickly!


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