96 Crying Dogs Are Saved From The Worse Fate

Some people are really cut out to do some kinds of work, a dog rescuer is one of those special people, and Jenny Kim is indeed one of those people, on her birthday, instead of celebrating she took a call to a puppy mill…

The puppy mill in South Korea was in need of help, the owner, Kim, who was an animal welfare advocate and also founded the Passion for Compassion and a newly created Korean Dog Sanctuary, wanted help!

Kim was asked if she would take on 96 dogs from this guy’s property and if not he was going to sell them to a local slaughterhouse, where they would be killed for their meat.

Some of the dogs would also be processed into a kind of tonic made in Korea, the Koreans believe that the tonic, called ‘soju elixir’ has medicinal properties.

Kim, without a second thought, agreed to rescue the dogs, she was dead set again the meat trade since being a small child, so now was another chance to do some real good!


Kim said:

“I had a puppy when I was a child and one day it disappeared …When I was older, I found out that my grandmother cooked my dog for the Bok Nal festival for my father and grandfather and the men in our family.”


She was determined that the 96 pups would not face the same fate as her beloved childhood pup, she rounded up the volunteers and headed to the place…

When they entered the property they discovered Maltese, Shih Tzus, spaniels and poodles all with one thing in common, they were all pushed into small cages, it was awful!


Kim said:

“This was truly heartbreaking …They were in the dark, cramped in cages, and as soon as I walked near, they all cried for relief…The entire place also reeked of urine, making it difficult to breathe.”

“I could smell the stench as I was walking near the farm …I can smell the urine which burned my eyes and nostrils. It’s horrific — cages are stacked on top of each other and feces are everywhere, even on the dogs.”

The team and Kim with Mr. Ko the dog trainer took all 96 dogs and to a rented building nearby where they could start the huge job of looking after them all!


Sian Davies, a volunteer with Korean Dog Sanctuary said:

“She [Kim] said that the moment she opens the cage doors and removes them, there’s a split second when she holds them that they are quite as if they know they are being saved.”

“She feels an overwhelming sense of relief that she has them and she can finally feel peace for a little while.”

Then the dogs were put into clean and spacious enclosures, the volunteers then gave the dogs food and water.

Kim said: “We are taking care of these babies.”

They want to get a vet to look at all the dogs, but for 96 dogs they need to raise more money before that will be possible.


Without the proper veterinary care, they will not really know the conditions of all the dogs, they can only do their best!

Kim has worked out that it will cost $250 to get each dog basic medical care, vaccinations, and spraying + neutering, and if course testing for common diseases will cost even more…

When the dogs are in a fit enough state, they are going to be taken to find their forever homes, they will get their second chance at life!

They are desperately in need of donation, but already they are overwhelmed at the support they have received already.


Kim said:

“People have been reaching out to us … rescue groups, adopters and fosters have all been offering their help, and it’s been an emotional journey for all of us,” Davies said. “It has united many people and many organizations … and we are so thankful for all of these people stepping forward for these dogs and being the voice for the voiceless.”

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