Desperate To Be Rescued, Everyone Ignored Him – Abandoned Bait Dog Just Sat On Old Arm Chair!

He was found in an old armchair that was just left by the curbside, just sat there, over in the south of Texas desperate for someone to rescue him…

Some days passed by and nothing happened, people ignored him and let him be there, by himself, homeless!help him.

She wrote:“Can anyone rescue? …My mom said he’s roamed around here for a while. He has very bad mange to the point that he looks bloody. He is also very skinny.”

Just about the perfect person saw the post on Facebook, Leslie Ysuhuaylas, a Texas-based volunteer for ‘Rescue Dogs Rock NYC’.

Leslie stepped in to help, she knew what to do and sent a volunteer in to collect him right away.

abandoned dog

Leslie said:

“He was very scared, and he didn’t really trust people …He was very wary.”

He is called Duke now, the rescuer took him straight to the vet, straight away. Its there that they discovered that he was actually a bait dog, so in other words, he was target practice in dogfights!

The vet discovered that his teeth were all filed smooth, this is very common but barbaric practice to do to bait dogs, poor Duke!

abandoned dog

It wasn’t just his teeth, he was bloody and he had a bad case of mange too, we are so pleased that one person took action and posted to Facebook, that’s all it took for the rescue group to see him and kindly come to aid him!

We could hazard a guess at what life was like for Duke, but it was probably worse than most of us could imagine!

Thankfully he is now safe and sound and he will be cared for and looked after until he is healthy enough for adoption into a forever home!

abandoned dog

Best of luck Duke, get well soon and find an awesome forever home very soon!!

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