Sara Moran Helps Injured Dogs Have A Good Life !!

They say that every dog has his day, but after watching this touching video, you’ll be certain that these beautiful little pooches are going to have some pretty fantastic lives ahead of them!

Sara Moran set up her own shelter in Peru to care for all kinds of dogs in need of some tender loving care. Her center, named Milagros Perrunos does their very best to ensure that these furry friends are all given the respect that every Injured Dogs deserves in their life. In the video below, you can see just how selfless Moran truly is.

She takes in all kinds of dogs, but the partially paralyzed dogs in the video below are her real miracles.

Whether it be from back injuries (like the beautiful puppy who was injured by a car) or due to amputation; these dogs all have their own struggles dealing with mobility issues. But thankfully, Moran and her shelter have managed to either buy or build specially made wheelchairs so all of these dogs can have their day at the beach!

These beautiful puppies all seem to be thoroughly enjoying themselves, and it’s all thanks to the wonderful heart of Sara Moran. Thank goodness for her and her passion for taking care of these injured pets. Were it not for her efforts, these dogs would most likely have been forgotten and abandoned.

Thank you Sara, and thanks to all of the people who volunteer their time, effort, and money in order to help these beautiful animals!

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