The Saddest Dog On The Internet – “Madame Eyebrow”!

We are overjoyed to introduce you to ‘Madam Eyebrow’ who is not so overjoyed about pretty much everything, she is a British bulldog and lives in Germany with her forever family, be sure to read right to the end to find out what makes her smile!

She has got really unusual markings and stunning eyes too, her best friend is Luna and all in all she is completely distinctive from most other dogs you will see anywhere.

She looks a bit like a sad clown, but her staring sweet sad eyes look almost human, her owner Janina loves her dearly and is always taking photos of her.

Don’t be fooled though by this almost constant sad look you are seeing though, her owner says that she really is quite a happy dog and is constantly wagging her tail and giving kisses!

She might well have been born looking forlorn, but she is kind, loving, and simply adorable and has some hidden smiles…


Even as a little tiny bulldog puppy she had started to develop her look, you can see how she is simply adorable even as a little bundle of fun, sad face and all!

Her owner and the family simply love her as much as any family can love thier dog, she is certainly pampered and loved wihtout a doubt…

But you can see that even with the most delicate and wonderful pampering, even with the best puppy snacks, she really is not at all impressed with what is going on, you can practically see her saying, not impressed!

Such a pretty outfit, maybe that is helping her too, after all, she has over 36,000 followers to her name!

Waiting for my groom today…. any suggestions from your side?????

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Now and again though, she can’t help herself and a lovely smile slips out, all by itself…

But if you want to see her real attitude, then watch her sleep and see her true emotions slipping out with some lovely smiles:

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