Sad Shelter dog thinks it’s another lonely day, He has no idea who is standing outside!


The moment a dog realizes they’re being adopted can be so amazing to witness. This video is one moment where Drove, a terrier mix had no clue he’d been chosen and was heading to his new forever home.

Have you ever witnessed a dog’s joy after being taken in by a family? Have you or your family ever adopted a dog from a shelter?

Taking in a dog or can is not a decision to make lightly. There comes a great amount of responsibility. Adding another mouth to feed can become costly.

There are medical check-ups and expenses to consider; playing and exercising the dog by taking it for walks or letting it run in a dog park.

And what about vet bills and grooming? You not only have to take your pet to get vaccinated, but you must also plan for unexpected emergencies and the financial strain that could come with them if you don’t prepare properly.

Is the dog you’ve chosen right for your family? Do you have young children under five years of age? You don’t want a dog that’s too wild or rough.

Do you have the outdoor space to allow your dog to run and play in? Or do you live in an apartment with just a patch of grass out front? All of these will be deciding factors on whether adopting a shelter dog is right for you.

Thankfully for Drove, his life changed when he reached the shelter. A cruelty investigator found the 5-year-old dog tied up in an abandoned house. They took drove to the Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby (HSM&S). The pooch stole the hearts of the staff there; but for six months, the pooch was passed over for by those searching for a new pet.

Morgan and her husband, Tyler wanted to welcome a rescue dog into their newly formed lives. They’d just married and Morgan, the blushing bride, lost her boxer of thirteen years.

Tyler loved the idea of adding a dog to their family. Here, in the video, Drove, now called Samson, Sammy for short is awakened from his snooze to finally head off to his new home with his human parents.

A shelter staff member recalled the adorable moment: “He’s just sleeping so sweetly with no idea he’s going to be going home soon!” the staff member exclaims.

You can see the surprise and utter delight Samson has when he realizes he’s finally going home. We’re glad this sweet boy’s finally got a permanent family to love him! Aren’t you?


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