She Is Called The “Saddest Dog In The World” Returned Once Again In The Shelter, She Is Homeless Again!


The “Saddest Dog in the World” will turn three-years-old. Less than a week later, she will face euthanasia.

Lana isn’t a bad dog, but due to circumstances beyond her control, she struggles with fear, trust and confidence. She became a sad dog.

The ironic part is that thousands of people have rallied around Lana since her story first went viral in October 2015. But somehow, she has yet to find her perfect home.

The sad dog Lana was born in Mexico – the plucky runt of a very large litter – competing with her siblings for food.

She was later shipped to Mighty Mutts in Toronto, Canada where she entered a foster home to await adoption.

sad dog

After a series of temporary homes, a family adopted Lana when she was 5-months-old.

For many lucky dogs, this is where the story ends. But for Lana, the sad dog it was just the beginning.

At first, it seemed like a successful adoption, until one day, during feeding time, the sad dog Lana snapped at her new mom.

Her food protectiveness likely stemmed from her history as the struggling runt of her litter. Although it was an isolated incident, the family feared for their children and returned Lana to the shelter.

sad dog

The image of Lana who was sad dog in a concrete kennel with her head hung low exploded across social media. She became known as “The Saddest Dog in the World”.

It was impossible to look at her photo and not feel her heartbreak.

Concerned animal lovers shared her plight far and wide. Soon messages, financial contributions and offers to adopt were flooding in from around the world.

Thousands rallied to provide a brighter future for Lana with donations totaling more than $15,000. Rescue Dogs Match received an astonishing 4,000 adoption applications on her behalf.

sad dog

Once again, Lana’s story should have ended when she was placed in a new “forever” home in January 2016.

It turns out Lana had been returned once again with her new family. She bounced between boarding shelters and foster homes.

sad dog

Now the facility she has been in since November is overcrowded. Lana must find a new place to live by May 20 – or face the horrible alternative.

The fact that she has bounced around so much and suffers from emotional and behavioral issues does not bode well for Lana’s future. Brenda Dobranski, the founder of Rescue Dogs Match, told:

“We need to keep Lana’s happiness and well being at the forefront. It is not fair for her to have to keep moving around. She just settles and becomes accepting [only] to be uprooted again. Every time she moves her progress is set back.”

According to Dobranski, the ideal home for a dog like Lana is a farm-type environment where she can be outdoors most of the time.

sad dog

The rescue feels that a mature individual or couple without children is best. They must also have the “time, patience, determination and commitment to help her become more confident.”

Lana is not the type to want belly rubs or crawl in bed with you, but once she overcomes her hesitation and insecurity she is “sweet and silly.”

She also adores other dogs, so play dates are a must!

Could you possibly provide the happy ending Lana has been waiting far too long for?

Regarding her May 20 deadline, Dobranski said:

“I am not sure what will happen to Lana on [May 20]. Unfortunately, euthanasia is an option, but with all the time and support and money that has been offered to Lana I don’t even want to think about it.”

If you are not able to foster or adopt Lana, you can still help this sweet girl by sharing her story far and wide! Her perfect home is out there, we just have to help her find it!


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