Experiments To Develop Liquid Breathing Tech Shown On Video – Animal Community Outraged!

Testing on animals, what do you think? Well, I think that you already know our position! A recent video surfaced of the deputy prime minister of Russia demoing breathing tech on a dog, it has unsurprisingly drawn much criticism…

Many animal rights advocates have been quick to come forward to rally the public against these kinds of actions. I think its definitely fair to say that doggies don’t get to choose if they want to be tested upon, don’t you think?

Dmitry Rogozin, a Russian official was bragging about some of the results that they obtained with their research, there was a demonstration for Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic.

They have developed tech that means a living organism can breath using an oxygen-rich liquid instead of air. I wonder how many times they failed and what happened to those animals?

Posted on a Russian news website was a segment that was broadcast first on St Petersburg news, you see a researcher submerges a dachshund, called Nikolas, into a container filled with the oxygen-rich liquid.


The test was done using a clear container and the liquid was a dark colored liquid, the scientist holds the dog under the liquid, as you can really imagine clearly now the dog was wriggling and trying to get free from him, poor doggie….

The dog is pushed under head first and really wriggles about for quite a bit until he is able to breathe properly. The Animal rights groups and activists, as well as critics, are not happy, and on social media, people are not happy either, tell us what you think in the comments below!

A Tweet from a popular Russian blog:

“A Russian deputy PM with colleagues are mistreating the poor dog. Mistreating humans isn’t enough for them, they are not letting dogs live.”

Ironically the demonstration was aired just one day before the Russian president, Vladimir Putin signed a document to pass a law with the intention of increasing the punishment for animal abuse!

Russian officials are desperately trying to exercise damage control however they can, but I don’t think that is really going to be possible, do you?

In attempts to soften the whole episode include Rogozin saying that he is going to adopt the dog, but then in his second breath saying that the results are such a “breakthrough”.

This kind of liquid technology has been around for many decades, but Rogozin said that people should have respect for the Russian scientists.

A Russian state-owned newsgroup said:

that… “science fiction that has become reality.”

Dmitry Peskov a spokesperson for the president defended the use of animals for scientific research, which only really served to fuel the fire and make people even more angry with what they have done!

Even Dmitry Smirnov, who is pro-Kremlin was very uneasy about it all, he seemed of two minds, like he had to approve of it, but also he didn’t really…

He said: “This is, of course, progress and a breakthrough, but I feel sorry for the dog.”

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