Owner Rushes Outside To Discover Whimpering Pit Bull Stung By 400 Bees !!!

This poor baby. Tramp, an 18-week-old Whimpering Pit Bull, was stung by a whopping 400 bees. His human, Jeremy DeNoyer, had let Tramp and his other dog, Lady, out in the backyard to play.

Things were fine until he heard Lady and Tramp yelping. DeNoyer ran out to see what was going on, but it was too late. Tramp was caught in a massive swarm of bees, and Lady was being stung as well.

DeNoyer was stung by 20 bees trying to bring his dogs to safety. Lady was stung about 50 times herself. But Tramp suffered the worst.

It turns out the neighbor next door had a beehive on the roof. DeNoyer left notes and tried to contact the homeowner to no avail. The fire department sprayed foam around the area, but DeNoyer still sees bees lurking around and is concerned for his dogs.

Fortunately, Tramp, who suffered the worst of it, is going to be just fine. Although the puppy is traumatized and still has welts from the attack, he is expected to recover.

“With as many stings as he had, he had more than enough to kill 50 percent of dogs his size,” Dr. Cynthia Jones told Inside Edition. “He was having muscle tremors all over the place. It looked almost like he was having seizures.”


“I don’t ever want to see another bee again, and I would be OK,” DeNoyer said. And we can’t blame him.

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