Ruff Justice: Watch Man Taunting PitBull Get Attacked by dog when it gets loose and bites his leg

The youth was also seen throwing stones at the pitbull before the tables were turned and he was the one being attacked.

Here’s a lesson in instant karma.

This young man was captured on video having lots of fun taunting a pitbull – until the animal got loose and extracted its painful revenge.

The youth can be seen waving his arms at the pitbull and jumping at it as the dog gets more and more worked up in a dusty Mexican yard.

At one point – as the tormentor aims another bizarre star-jump in its direction – the dog even jumps backwards and seems to fall over itself.

He was reportedly also seen throwing stones at the distressed dog.

But with the animated animal seen straining at the leash, its collar suddenly gives way and the tables are turned.


The person behind the camera also loses their cool as the shrieks of pain bring an end to his particular show.

According to reports, the boy suffered a deep wound from the dog’s bite and needed several stitches at hospital.

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