Three Robberies and Shooting A Dog, He Got What He Deserved!

Rev. Verdell Taylor Jr. a Pastor had an awful experience as a shotgun was pushed in his face and he was pinned to the ground as the attacker robbed him, the pastor said he forgave him for the robbery, but killing the dog was unforgivable, don’t you think?

The Pastor joined two other victims, who together request that Pierre P. Walker, 20, of Kansas, receive the maximum sentence!

Taylor said:“I will never be the same emotionally.”

He conveyed his feelings about how the incident had taken away his previous sense of safety and security, and… his sense of “trust in most people”. The County Court Judge, Sally Pokorny gave Walker the maximum allowed by law for three counts of robbery and one count of animal cruelty, 17 years!

Walker had two trials before this one, but both ended in hung juries. Walker was convicted for three separate robberies and killing one victim’s dog, he is a pretty despicable human!

Since his arrest he has been in jail in the weeks after he committed the crimes, the judge said that the 426 days in jail would count towards his sentence in prison as time already served.

shooting dog
Pierre Walker

Taylor, from the St. Luke African Methodist Episcopal Church, said that he was afraid for his life and that the robbery and the three trials he had to endure were incredibly difficult, he is very glad it’s over now!

Taylor said:

“Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do …To Mr. Walker, I say, I forgive you for your part in the armed robberies, and I hope you will make meaningful changes in your life.”

The prosecutor said that after the three trials none of the victims could face going to the sentencing stage of the court hearings, enough was enough!

One of the victims said that he adopted the dog Phoebe, when he took her in she was thin and weak, she was from an abusive home. He really loved going for a walk with her, she was happily walking and not even realized what happened when the attackers came and shot her dead!

Schuster wrote:

“It was all so senseless…No one expects this sort of thing to happen in Lawrence.”

Walker thanked the Judge and the prosecutor and everyone else involved, with a tear in his eye, for enduring the three trials.

Walker said:

“You are all good people …Being around you all has really affected me.”

Walker said that he had some family who cared for him and about that he was very thankful, he apologized to the victims for their difficulties.

Walker said: “I’m not a bad person.”

In all this, and other crimes like this the dog is the one who is punished most severely because they are such loyal protectors, they seem to be targeted, we hope he rests in peace!

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