Roadside Dog, Deaf, Nearly Blind, Reaches His Paw Out To Be Saved From Euthanasia

As proud dog owners we really do appreciate the love an intelligence of a dog, and to see others dogs in suffering or getting a raw deal feels pretty bad, so of course, we just have to do something, just like the workers at this shelter did…

The Doggie, a 9-month-old pit bull breed was recovered after being seen on the side of the Dallas road one day, he was taken to the shelter and sadly added to the euthanasia list.

Even sadder for him, he was also visually impaired and desperate for just a little love in his life, the workers in the shelter were determined to save him and took photos to share on social media.

He was named ‘JJ’ and the fight was on to find him a hole before it was too late for him, the spot he was abandoned is a known place where people leave dogs, who end in a lot of cases being killed and injured by passing cars.

JJ survived the road, but as well as being visually impaired he was also deaf, the poor boy really needed some love.

Patti Dawson, president of Dallas DogRRR, said:

“It’s not really a shelter — it’s really a shack, and there are only six kennels …Nobody visits it, and you can’t even go and reclaim your dog there. If you’re missing a dog in town, you have to go to the city, and the city will go check and see if the dog is there.”

Before it was too late someone came to rescue him, just in the nick of time too, a lovely lady called Marina Tarashevska really liked him.

Marina said:

“The ACO [animal control officer] said he was not eating, and that he was blind and deaf …When he pulled him out of the kennel, he looked lost and was running under our feet, and just laying really, really low … like he was expecting to be hit.”

Just as Marina was about to leave JJ, was put in his kennel, that’s when he did something really sweet, he reached out his paw to her like he was asking for her help, he didn’t want her to leave!

Marina said:

“He was putting his paw out, and begging to be saved …it was so sad because it’s so scary at that shelter … and he was so lost in there. It’s the most heartbreaking thing to leave a dog who’s begging you like that.”

Marina asked the Dallas DogRRR if she could take him and get him out of the shelter, they said yes, of course, they were happy for him…

JJ is loving his foster home now, where is safe and cared for, he is still a little scared sometimes like he had been really badly treated before in his past.

Patti said:

“He runs around the backyard …She [the foster mom] takes him on long walks. He loves his snacks. He loves just laying there and chewing on a Kong.”

“She said he’s pretty affectionate, and he wants to be with you all the time …He’ll stay pretty close to your side. When she gives him attention, he’s so appreciative of it … and wanting more and more and more.”

Once the animal behaviourist examines him, and they fully check his hearing and vision he will be available for adoption.

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