Rex The Amazing Dog Takes Bullets For His Teenage Best Friend

Dogs really are amazing, Rex is just one of those amazing dogs, he took at the very least two bullets to protect his 16-year-old owner, this is one amazing German Shepard!

Javier Mercado was all on his own, hiding and scared in his home in Des Moines, Iowa, all while the intruders broke in, Rex did what came to him naturally…

He looked after his owner, that boy, the one he slept every night next to, he was only a little pup three years ago.

Police Officers found Rex sat in a corner of his parent’s bedroom upstairs, quiet injured and in that very same room, Javier was hidden in a walk-in closet, quietly.

Magnuson saved the dog’s life, with another officer captured the dog and guided Rex down the stairs, then placed him inside a kennel, safety. Magnuson rushed the poor dog, bleeding to a vet.

Rex and Magnuson were honored by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA. If Rex could actually read, then he could see too that he got a “Heroic Dog Award” from PETA!

The dog was no saint, but we all have our faults right?

Authorities said about Rex that:

“We had multiple complaints. Running loose, no valid dog license, aggressive towards neighbors”

Rex though had never ever bit anyone, says Magnuson, although he did escape and charge at people barking and growling.

Magnuson says that Rex is a brave and good dog. The family tells us that since the complaints, Rex has been kept on a leash and that any barking is just a warning to protect his owners and the house.

Magnuson said:

“He was protecting his home and his family. I am thrilled that he survived. To be honest, when I first saw him, I didn’t think he’d make it.”

Javier could hear that the robbers were breaking things and he could also hear them kicking down doors inside the house, but they weren’t locked. Mattresses had also been stabbed and ripped apart.

The boy’s mom says that the robbers took Javier’s laptop, a 32-inch TV, shoes, clothes and a lot of electronic stuff too.

Javier heard one of the robbers shout out… 35kg Rex, “Get the dog! The dog bit me!”

Javier heard Rex run fast upstairs to one of the bedrooms in which he was hiding, the bedroom door was open.

Javier heard there were four gunshots, one bullet went through his neck, then another hit the rear left leg, breaking it and requiring a surgical pin and screw, then the right front leg, maybe even by the same bullet…

Javier said:

“He cried every time he got hit”

He could hear police sirens then very quickly the robbers went, they were gone!

Javier had been on the phone to 911 emergency services for a full 53 minutes before it was all finished and over…

The family has moved out of the house, it was all too much to bear…

Javier and Rex now see a psychologist be able to help them get through it…

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