Stolen Dog Reunited With Owner One Year After Rescued From Cockfighter

If there is one thing that is foremost at the front of dog owners minds, well certainly mine, is that I really couldn’t bear it if my beautiful doggie was stolen from me! Well, it’s the worse case scenario, perhaps, but there is only one thing that can console a dog owner who has lost a dog….

This exact situation happened to one dog owner, and yes you guessed it, being reunited with your dog is the best thing ever to and is more than consoling… This stolen dog has been reunited with her family the year after when she was discovered!

She was discovered in Marlboro County, South Carolina, it was during a raid on a cockfighting operation.

Carolina Waterfowl Rescue was one of many groups participating in the rescue of 120 roosters, the operation was held on March 29, 2015, amazingly there were 27 people arrested that day.

During the rescue, as well as the 120 roosters found, they also rescued a pit bull, the dog was chained up outside and was painfully thin and uncared for, alongside 10 newly born puppies in some sort of mismatch kennel that had been badly constructed.

stolen dog

Northam and April Morris were watching television that day when they saw on the news, to their shock and excitement, that it was their pit bull that had been rescued. The very same dog that been stolen from their backyard in December 2013.

The night that she went missing was still clear in their minds, she was out for a bathroom break while her owner got a cup of tea. When they came back to let her into the house again, just a few minutes later, Nina was completely gone!

The couple was devastated, as any of us would be after losing are faithful four-pawed companion, they searched for over year, putting up mini-posters, Facebook posts, anything they could think of, but no news. That is until they saw her on television, what a lovely surprise, especially considering they had all but given up on her.

Amie, a volunteer at the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue, hugged Nina warmly to comfort her, the lovely moment was caught on camera, how awesome!

They wrote:

“Probably the first kindness this dog has seen in a while. She wasn’t getting any food either as evidenced by her body condition.”

stolen dog

The Society, ‘Marlboro County Humane’ kindly picked her up and not long after that she was justly reunited with her mommy and daddy…

It wasn’t just Nina now though, it was Nina and her ten pups, all back in their rightful home. Even though Nina is quite weak still, her family is really overjoyed she is alive and back safe with them.

April Morris said:

“It seems so surreal to us” … “It’s such a miracle to have her back.”

stolen dog

April shared on Facebook:

“Nina had never been on a chain in her entire life. She was raised inside the house as our child. as she was only 1 1/2 yrs old when she disappeared I wasn’t sure if I wanted her to have 1 litter of pups or not. I didn’t want her loving personality to change.

“Nina did have a collar and a name tag. And was searching for the entire time she was missing as all our friends and families have helped to search as well. Nina will now be micro-chipped and full vet care.”

“The pups will go to an Adoption agency with strict conditions and guidelines to ensure they live happy well cared for lives and never suffer as my poor Nina has. Nina will be spayed. I cannot thank all the rescue people enough, I cannot Praise God enough.”

“Jennifer Hyduke, Captain Billy Cheeks, all our friends; and family, we thank you so much. Nina is home and acts almost as if she never left. She’s right back sleeping at the foot of our bed. Her pups beside her. If she goes outside we are right there with her.”

“As we learned, one quick trip to make a glass of tea can cause unmentionable grief. I just want to thank you all.. Especially Mrs. Starling and her Husband, Thank you. Thank you, God!!!!!!”

The family are delighted for Nina and will care for Nina and her pups until they are ready to embark on their own journey with the Marlboro County Humane Society and find their own loving forever homes.

What a wonderful end to such a sad event, thank goodness Nina found her way home, especially in her time of need with her little pups!

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